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Keystone Energy Tools was established to provide the industry with support and stability from a manufacturer with over fifty years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality oilfield tools, including drill pipe float valves, baffle plates, valve pullers, rotating mouseholes, elevators, slips, stabbing guides, safety clamps, tong die drivers, tong blocks, beckets and bails, mud screens and safety flex handles which you can see below.

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Baffle PlatesBaffle Plates can be placed on top of the drill pipe float valves or the drill bit too help prevent damage from recorders or other wire line tools that are dropped down the string.

Beckets and BailsKET manufactures two different beckets, the standard that can be used with standard drill pipe elevators from 3 5 and the Extended shank especially designed for tall hydraulic elevators from 5 6 5/8. Perfection Links are also offered in lengths 36 42 in ratings of 100 & 150 ton capacity.

Casing Slips The KET "CMSXL and "CMS-3 Casing Slips have a multi-segment design which gives a full wrap-around to help prevent damage to casing. By adding or subtracting segments & inserts the slip can accommodate 6 5/8 - 30 O.D. casing. The segments are made of alloy steel and are heat-treated for strength and wear resistance, then machined to strict quality controlled standards.
DiesRunning in or pulling out tubular at oil rigs, the tool joints are adjusted with power tongs or manual tongs. Dies are a key part in helping the tongs grip the tool joints. Tong dies are made of alloy steel, and their hardened surfaces resist wear. The inner ductile core minimizes the shock of impact and torque.
Drill Pipe Float Valves All KET Float Valves are manufactured with alloy steel integral, cages & plungers to produce the most reliable float valve on the market today. All KET Float Valves, baffle plates, and valve pullers are interchangeable with the Baker® Model F, and Baker® Model G Float Valves.



All Keystone elevators are manufactured in the United States and built to meet or exceed API 8C standards. Models available include "G" series elevators, such as "GG 350-ton Bottleneck, "MGG 250-ton Bottleneck, "RG 150-ton Bottleneck, "Y" series elevators, such as "YT 75-ton Slip Type, "MYT 40-ton Slip Type, and Single Joint elevators, like the "SJ 5-ton Single-Joint Type.
Insert Bowls & Accessories

Insert bowls are used to accommodate various casing sizes, allowing one bushing to be used to run multiple casing sizes by changing out these bowls.


Also known as "dies" or "slip inserts" or "tong ties," Keystone Energy Tools inserts are built to your specifications to give you a long service life in return for your investment. If you don't see the inserts you need, "request a quote" to tell us what you're needing.

Mud ScreensKET offers two different types of Mud Screens, the Slotted & Rod types. All screens & fish necks are manufactured from either 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. All pipe flanges are manufactured from 4140 HT.
Rotating Mousehole The Gen 2 Rotating Mousehole allows the drilling crew to quickly and efficiently build stands simultaneously while drilling ahead with the top drive. By utilizing pre-assembled stands you can reduce your connection time by as much as 66%.
Safety ClampsKeystone offers the Type "C", "T", & "MP" safety clamps which are both ideal to help safeguard against dropping strings of flush joint tubing, to provide a shoulder to position strings of flush line pipe for welding, and many other applications.
Safety Products

Safety Flex Handles for slips, safety handles for manual tongs, mud buckets & iron roughnecks, Tong Die Drivers, Safety Make-up Stands, & Slip Lifting devices.

Slip Safety Flex HandlesKET Slip Safety Flex Handles incorporate investment cast slip connectors and handles with thumb guards and are joined together with high strength chain & phosphate coated to prevent corrosion  . The chain is then covered with Nitrile Rubber. Available in standard service & Extreme service models.
Slips All slips are manufactured in the United States and built to meet or exceed API 7K standards. Types available are drill pipe, drill collar, tubing, and casing. Models for drill pipe include the "SD, "DU, & "WB, for drill collars the type "DCS & "WA, and for casing the "CMSXL & "CMS-3. All slips come standard with Safety Flex handles.

Stabbing Guides KET offers two types of Stabbing guides, the Heavy Duty type which is recommended for drill pipe and also the rubber type to be used on tubing. Stabbing Guides help to reduce damages to connections while making up connections.

Tong Blocks
KET builds four different styles of Tong Blocks, 12.5 Ton Sheave type, the 12.5 ton Triangle Type, the "L type, and the Straight type. They can be used on a wide variety of tongs by simply using specially designed adapters.

Tong Die DriversKET builds three different styles of Tong Die Drivers, the Straight and Angled which also requires the use of a hammer and the new Hammerless Tong Die Driver.
Tubing Tongs KET offers manual wrap around tubing tongs for sizes 1 3 7/8 in types "K-25 & "K-30.
Valve Pullers

Valve pullers are an essential part in the removal of float valves from the float sub. Model G Pullers can also be used in removing and installing the seal retainer ring when changing out the valve seal.



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